An Erik Gorter Classics restoration


A hallmark of an Erik Gorter Classics restored Mercedes is the attention to detail.  Erik has an eye for the small things and in spite of the rarity of original specification parts; we endeavour to have a stock of parts for the restoration projects.  In the rare occasion that we cannot find suitable parts on the market we have them made to specification.


Where needed, the Mercedes is stripped down totally to every last nut and bolt and then the chassis and body are fully repaired using our own facilities.  Spot welding as well as MIG ensures an accurate rendition of these Iconic vehicles.  After the body and chassis have been repaired, it is blast cleaned and coated.  All mud and water traps are fully wax oiled and prepared so the restored Mercedes will last at least another 40 years.  A full pre-fit is undertaken before the vehicle is painted.


The cars can be built to exacting standard specification or enhanced and improved with the addition of leather trim, power steering on early cars, and more driver orientated performance packages